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OJ Crew

Агентство: OJ Crew

Адрес: Kanto 22-4

Durali Deniz

We are expert on Crewing agency, Meeting&Transfer services and More!

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epsilon mariupol

Агентство: Sokirko

Адрес: Украина,г.Мариуполь пр. Нахимова 162


Главная цель крюингвого агентства - предоставление качественных услуг по трудоустройству украинских моряков на суда иностранных судовладельцев, на уровне соответствующем требованиям международного стандарта ИСО 9001: 2008. Сертификат качества «Российского регистра Морского судоходства»подтверждает высокое качество предоставляемых услуг. Стремления агентства направлены на завоевание и сохранение лидирующего положения среди множества крюинговых компаний, путем предоставления конкурентоспособных услуг, удовлетворяющие требованиям потребителей. 

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Агентство: Rosneft

Адрес: Российская Федерация, 117997, Москва, Софийская набережная, 26/1

Novis Ltd

Агентство: Novis

Адрес: Киев, ул. Б. Хмельницкого, 48

Stan Shipping

Агентство: Stanship

Адрес: Poland, m.Gdansk; ul.Nike 1

Navigare Management

Агентство: Navigare Management

Адрес: 10th April Square 1

High Waves Marine Services

Агентство: HWMS

Адрес: Business Bay Tower, Juffair

Navi Maritime Group

Агентство: Navi Maritime

Адрес: Обсерваторный переулок, 2/4 оф. 27


Украинская крюинговая компания Navi Maritime Group является одной из молодых крюинговых компаний в Одессе, работающая на официальной основе, в соответствии с Лицензией Министерства труда и Социальной политики Украины.

Наша компания предоставляет Судовладельцам и Операторам, высококвалифицированных и опытных украинских моряков. Члены экипажа персонально проходят отбор, тщательно проверяется их опыт, компетентность, пригодность до отправки на судно.

Лицензии / Аккредитации
Navi Maritime Group имеет легитимную лицензию о посредничестве в трудоустройстве Украинских моряков на работу за границей, которая была выдана Министерством Труда и Социальной Политики от имени Правительства Украины (Лицензия № 1365 от 18.11.2016).

Будьте информированы, что учебный курс ЭКНИС продвинутый для ФУРУНО, ТРАНЗАС, SIMRAD и JRC теперь доступен у нас в офисе
— FURUNO ECDIS Type Specific
Модели ECDIS: FMD 3200/3300; FEA 2107/2807.
— Transas   ECDIS Type — Specific Training
  Модели Transas — Navi-Sailor 4000
— JRC ECDIS Type — Specific Training
   Модели JRC — JAN-701/701B/901/901B/901M/2000
– SIMRAD ECDIS Type – Specific Training
За дополнительной информацией обращайтесь по телефонам:
+38 (099) 202-45-54, +38 (048) 737-45-54
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NordOst Marine Company

Агентство: NOMC

Адрес: Одесса, ул. Новосельского, 32


NordOst Marine Company (NOMC) is a Ukrainian owned marine services company licensed by Ukrainian authorities placed at Odessa the biggest marine city in Ukraine providing marine services and crew manning by qualified & professional team managed by experienced marine captains who can very well know the requirements of the ship owners, ship’s operators, ship managers and trading & shipping companies and provide the best qualities of the services.

The structure of NOMC is designed to ensure fast, flexible and efficient reaction to all our partners, employers & clients' requirements.

You may rest assured that our organized teamwork guarantees an efficient working environment both at sea and ashore, which in turn leads to a far superior service to our valued Clients.

Observing the requirement about provision of high-quality services, we aim to construct a long-term cooperation with ship owners and seamen, remaining the confidential business partner for the parties.

NOMC consist from separated service departments:

-NordOst crew manning – is manning agent recruiting professional and qualified Ukrainian & Russian crew members for all types of vessels of the leader’s ship owners & ship managers in the word.

-NordOst ticketing- is a ticketing agency offering the air tickets & customer services, (Issue tickets, VISA …).

-NordOst ship agency & ship’s services.

-NordOst forwarding & transporting logistics services.  

-NordOst ship’s supply.

-NordOst ship’s Survey

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Адрес: 7, Aerodromnaya str, office 42 87500 Mariupol Ukraine

Jana Offshore Crew Management (Ukraine)

7, Aerodromnaya str, office 42
87500 Mariupol Ukraine
P: +380632765770, +380993829859.
Jana Offshore Crew Management (Estonia)

Estonia, Tallinn, Tonismagi, 7
P: +37254478245.

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Ialkani-S ltd

Агентство: Ialkani-S ltd

Адрес: 1-2 app., 35 Melikishvili str.

Описание: We are crewing company “Ialkani-S” from Batumi, Georgia with a work experience for 15 years. Our company is one of the first crewing companies opened in Georgia. We are certified  as per MLC & ISO:9001 regulations/standards. (you can see detailed information about our company on our web-site www.ialkani.org). We successfully provide manning services to different companies in Greece, Ukraine, Latvia, Yemen etc. for 15 years.
We have large database of Georgian seafarers, the candidates are in possession of the certificates requested by the STCW_95 and National regulations. The documents, certificates, Diplomas, Endorsements are being checked by us, verified and confirmed by the Register Inspection of Transport Agency in Adjara, Georgia.
All candidates are interviewed  by our staff, they also pass an English test.
The selected & confirmed customer is scheduled to undergo the medical examination, alcohol & drug tests in accordance to National regulations or the requirements of our customer using their forms provided.

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AGW Maritime

Агентство: AGW Maritime

Адрес: г. Одесса, ул.Большая Арнаутская 2Б, офис 409


Crewing agency from Ukraine. 
LLC AGW Maritime was established in 2015, at present moment company is fully licensed and certified by Government of Ukraine and Classification Society in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 and MLC-2006 requirements. 
Our main activity is crew manning and full crew management services, particulary providing Shipowner's companies with the qualified crew stuff.  

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Maritime Intelligent Agency

Адрес: 1/1 Akademika Glushko avenue, office 94, Odessa,Ukraine

Dear Partners, Welcome, we are glad to introduce you about our crewing agency, based in Odessa, Ukraine. Is managed by Igor Moroz , Master Mariner with strong experience in Maritime and Offshore Oil &Gas Industry. Valeriy Moroz - Chief Engineer with strong technical experience in Maritime and Offshore Oil & Gas Industry. The Agency is certified by Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Ukraine for manning activities, with license № 898 from 17.08.2016 The Agency is certified by Bureau Veritas, according to regulation 1.4 Our Philosophy- Do always the best you can, no matter for who and when!
You can trust us, as we always do our business in honest,professional way to satisfy all parties involved. You can trust us, that we pay high attention to skill, qualification and high working standards of the professionals we recruit. You can be sure with us, that we select qualified, professional candidates and evaluate their knowledge of duties and language skill   according to your special requirements. We can afford it, as we are in Marine business from inside for more than 30 years.  We specialise in the recruitment of Marine Crew to all kind of Merchant and Offshore/Oil&Gas fleet. We are always open for new business cooperation on the most interesting conditions for You.  You can set any objectives for us 24/7, we do the rest.
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Морское агентство Nerey

Адрес: переулок Вознесенский, 2а

Reliance Navigation

Агентство: Reliance Navigation

Адрес: г. Новороссийск, Цемдолина, пер. Звонкий, д.9, офис 5

Мы предлагаем работу в море опытным квалифицированным специалистам и создали пул трудолюбивых и амбициозных студентов старших курсов мореходных учебных заведений для кадетских программ. Наша политика – одинаковое внимание к потребностям моряков и их работодателей. Мы верим в преимущества персонального отбора в дополнение к компьютерному тестированию, инвестируем средства в профессиональное обучение моряков и сами обучаем морскому английскому так, чтобы мы могли отвечать за тех, кого трудоустраиваем. Мы постоянно расширяем нашу базу данных и приглашаем моряков и заинтересованные компании к долгосрочному сотрудничеству.

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Marine Job Services

Агентство: MJS

Адрес: Балковская 84

Optimum Maritime Solutions (Ukraine) LTD

Агентство: OMS

Адрес: г. Одесса, ул. Черноморского Казачества, 115, офис 317,

Описание: Optimum Maritime Solutions (OMS) is a professional training and crew manning office, based in Odessa, Ukraine. Our employment system is incompliance with Maritime Labour Convention 2006 requirements for recruitment and placement services.

OMS building business based on the Trust, Honesty and Transparency.

Our goal is clear: to meet the requirements of the most demanding employers by providing worthy candidates among qualified seafarers. We screen the level of training and experience of each seafarer to provide only the best candidates.

OMS invest time and money in our in-house crew training program to provide a first class service. Collaborating with best nautical training centers we insure that our crew undertake best and cost efficient training meeting STCW requirements.

OMS pay much attention on the professionalism of each and everyone of our team, we have a development and training program for our shore staff.

We provide jobs for skilled Ukrainian seafarers on different types of ships, including:

Oil / Chemical Tankers, Bulkers, Containers, Multi-Purposed.
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