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All Crew LLC

Адрес: ul. Dm Donskogo 7/11, office 514



All Crew LLC is a duly licensed crewing agency based in Kaliningrad, Russia, the most western Russian city on the Baltic Sea. We recruit and deliver marine personnel for all types of cargo and offshore vessels.­

Our agency is totally dedicated to meet our customers satisfaction by delivering highly competent seafarers through reliable, cost-effective and prompt crewing services. 

Mainly we are specialized in recruiting Russian seafarers, but also work with seamen from all over the world including Ukraine, Eastern Europe, India and other countries to meet our clients’ requirements.


Крюинговое агентство ООО АЛЛ КРЮ / ALL CREW LLC предлагает морякам услуги по трудоустройству в море на различные типу судов иностранных и российских судовладельцев, а также подготовку документов для оформление УЛМ (удостоверения личности моряка) и мореходной книжки.


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Marine Link Company

Агентство: Maine Link

Адрес: ул. Заславского 1, Одесса, Украина


Адрес: Россия, г. Архангельск, ул. Вологодская


Company “Saewhale” was founded in May 2002 in Arkhangelsk.

All the employees of the company have marine education, experience in crewing and of working on merchant marine vessels.

At the present moment the company has been dynamically growing, considerably widening its sphere of activity. Having its representatives in St-Petersburg and Petrozavodsk, the company is employing seamen for various positions to all-purpose vessels, seagoing tugs and other dry-cargo ships. The Compnay’s partners are English, German, Norwegean, Dutch shipowners. The Company’s activity is effected in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation and international conventions in respect of marine crew employment, conforms to ISO 9001-2000 standard and has a certificate of conformity ANO CKS under the Transport Ministry of Russia, conforming the quality of the rendered services of employing Russian seamen to vessels flying the flag of foreign countries. The Company also has a licence of the Federal Migration Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia to employ Russian citisens for working abroad.

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Адрес: Lagos/Nigeria, Lekki Ph 1 , 27B Abike Suleiman

Accord Crew Management LLC

Адрес: Украина, г. Одесса, Люстдорфская дорога 140-А


Our purpose is to build up a stable and long-term Partnership, create a pool of the professional seafarers fully corresponding to our Partner’s requirements for permanent service on your good fleet.

We provide following services:
- Search and selecting of the candidates for the further employment on the vessels of our valuable Partners
- Verification of seafarers’ documents
- Planning of the crew changes / crew rotations
- Flag State Endorsements / Seaman’s Books support
- Visas arrangement support
- Flights booking / transportation arrangements
- Crew documentation creation and improvement

We are fully licensed by National Government and certified by Bureau Veritas as MLC complied Company.

For more information please visit our website: www.accord-crew.com

Please do not hesitate to contact us if any questions appear.

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Golden Marvel of Ukraine

Адрес: г. Херсон, ул. Комсомольская 3, оф.4

ООО "Витал Марин" (г. Одесса)

Агентство: Школа Стюардов

Адрес: Украина, г. Одесса, пл. 10 Апреля,1


ООО "Витал Марин" Школа Стюардов (г. Одесса) на постоянной основе  предлагает легальное трудоустройство обслуживающего персонала на суда пассажирского флота и полную подготовку «с нуля» на позицию "Стюард/Стюардесса морского пассажирского флота" на суда круизных компаний Royal Caribbean International, Azamara, Celebrity, Pulmantur, TUI (Mein Shiff).

         Мы работаем в партнёрстве с европейским морским оператором, немецким крюингом  Ship Management Blackrock

         Наша программа обучения абитуриентов основывается на протоколе подготовки от судовладельца  и соответствует всем требованиям Министерства образования и Международной морской конвенции. 

         В программу подготовки входит: оформление всех необходимых Вам морских документов (Паспорт Моряка, необходимые морские Сертификаты НБЖС), курс английского языка с репетитором, курс морской английской лексики, курс морской подготовки, подготовка к собеседованию с представителем круизной компании, сопровождение Вашей аппликейшн нашим рекомендательным письмом к судовладельцу.

          Срок обучения - 1,5-2 мес. Группы абитуриентов формируются еженедельно. 

          По окончании обучения Вам гарантировано трудоустройство на позицию "Стюард/Стюардесса морского пассажирского флота" с з/п $1000/мес  на суда круизной компании Royal Caribbean International и дочерних круизных компаний этого холдинга   Azamara, Celebrity, Pulmantur, TUI (Mein Shiff).


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Victory Maritime Limited

Агентство: Victory Maritime Limited

Описание: Трудоустройство моряков и отправка в рейс. Отправка в Канаду (Торонто) на рыбоперерабатывающий завод
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atlantic ship management

Агентство: ASM

Veles Marine Ltd / Велес Марин

Агентство: veles_marine

Адрес: ул. Бугаёвская 21, офис 161, 6 этаж, БЦ Наше дело

K-Shipping Group

Адрес: Srednefontanskaya street, 19b, office 4, 65039, Odessa, Ukraine

Candina Baltica

Агентство: Candina

Адрес: Riga, Ganibu Dambis 26A

Описание: Candina Baltica , 
Recruting personnnel for RO RO , Tanker vessels. 
Always required following postions for RO RO:
AB , OS , Fitters, Motorman , Steward

Tanker fleet : 
Deck and Engine officers
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Агентство: PRISCO

Адрес: Административный городок, г. Находка, Приморский край, Россия


крюинговая компания
Услуги трудоустройства моряков
Кадетская программа

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Агентство: E-Crewing

Адрес: Office 29, Artyleriis'ka Str., 4-v



Notwithstanding the fact that E-CREWING LLC is apparently young, it was established in 2016, with barefaced proudness it may state that it is most rapidly developing crewing company. Furthermore E-CREWING is among a few fully certified maritime recruiting companies represented on Ukrainian market, including MLC 2006 and ISO 9001:2015 certification. We do achieve our goals by duly implemented quality management system and using latest technologies and practices in the field of maritime recruitment, as well as seagoing experience of our recruiters with senior maritime officer's experience.

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General Sea Agency

Агентство: GSA

Адрес: Украина, Одесса ул.Пантейломоновська 25


We provide advisory assistance in the design and extension of all marine documents and certificates, legitimacy and melting practices, distance learning, as well as stationary,
distribution as well as filling the application form, passing medical commission in the short term, increase the qualification level of maritime personnel,
restoration of marine instruments.

• Medical insurance (medical clearance policy);
• employment assistance and registration of marine specialists on passenger ships, tankers and merchant marine;
• the selection of crew members at the request of the shipowners;
• formation of the crews of passenger and merchant marine;
• certification of officers and ratings;
• exchange of educational and working certificates (renewal), sailor passport (renewal);

• Certificates:
— Bzhs (basic safaty trining and instruction);
— Boats, rafts (survial craft and rescue boats);
— Speed boat (fast rescue boats);
— Fires (advance fire fighting);
— Medicine (madical first aid on board ship);
— Honey. Care (medical care on board ship);
— Breathing apparatus (use of self contained compressed-air breathing apparatus on ships);
— Tanker — chemical tankers initial program (basic training for oil and chemical tanker cargo operations);
— Tanker — LNG initial program (basic training for liquefied gas tanker cargo operations);
— Expanded program tanker (advanced training for oil tanker cargo operations);
— Tanker — chemical tankers enhanced program (advanced training for chemical tanker cargo operations);
— Tanker — LNG expanded program (advanced training for liquefied gas tanker cargo operations);
— Zamyvka crude oil (crude oil washing);
— Inert gas system (inert gas system);
— Dangerous goods (carriege of dangerous and hazarbous substances);
— Po-Po (training for personnel serving on ro-ro passenger ships);
— Security of the ship to whom the composition (ship security officer);
— Security of the ship for ratings (specific security duties of shipboard personnel);
— Security of the ship for all the sailors (security awarness trainig for shipboard personnel);
— Officer with the safety of the vessel (ship safety officer);
— Ship Sanitation;
— Training in the use of DIA (self contained compressed-air brething apparatus);
— Update knowledge enlisted personnel;
— Bridge management level (bridge time management);
— Bridge operation level (brige time management);
— Steering (handing arranements);
— Electronic card (operational use of ECDIS);
— Radar navigation, operation of ARPA (radar navigation- operation level);
— Radar navigation, ARPA control (radar navigation- management level);

— Radar (Radar navigation management level);
— GMDSS assignment diploma limited (training and refresh training of GMDSS operators);
— GMDSS confirmation diploma limited (training and refresh training of GMDSS operators, restricted);
— GMDSS general assignment diploma (training and refresh training of GMDSS operators, general);
— Confirmation of the GMDSS general diploma (training and refresh training of GMDSS operators, general);
— Training of GMDSS operators limited and general diploma (training and refresh training of GMDSS operators);

— The engine room (engeen-room resourse management / operational level);
— The engine room (engeen-room resourse management / managmement level).
• receive a full package of primary nature;
• adjustment of the working documents for the extension of the diplomas, certificates of recovery of lost voyage.

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Marine school OMEGASHIP
Описание: Морская школа OmegaShip с 2001 года проводит on-line подготовку Стюардесс / Стюардов с последующим содействием в трудоустройстве на лучшие круизные суда мира.
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Worldwide Crewing Agency

Агентство: WWCA

Адрес: 4, Leha Kachinskogo str., Odessa, Ukraine


“WORLDWIDE CREWING AGENCY” is the Company, which is dedicated to maximum customer’s  requests.
We are very careful in personnel selection.  Our service is our prestige.
 “WORLDWIDE CREWING AGENCY” is able to provide the Ship Owners with the qualified Ukrainian and Russian seafarers for any type of ships.
The Company database contains more than 15000 seafarers – officers and ratings and personnel for passenger vessels. The database is constantly increasing.
All the seafarers are duly certificated according to MLC 2006 Convention of IMO with good knowledge of English and have good experience on Foreign Flag vessels. Crewmembers have experience of working on bulk carriers, container ships, reefers, oil and chemical tankers, off-shore fleet, RO-RO, passenger ships, fishing and tugboats.
Staff of our Company includes the high educated and well-qualified specialists having the good experience in shipping and crewing .
 We are able to prepare the necessary documents for seafarers (visa, passports, medical examination etc.)


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Onboard MCG

Агентство: Onboard MCG

Адрес: Украина, г.Одесса, Таможенная пл. 1-А

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