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All Crew LLC is a duly licensed crewing agency based in Kaliningrad, Russia, the most western Russian city on the Baltic Sea. We recruit and deliver marine personnel for all types of cargo and offshore vessels.­

Our agency is totally dedicated to meet our customers satisfaction by delivering highly competent seafarers through reliable, cost-effective and prompt crewing services. 

Mainly we are specialized in recruiting Russian seafarers, but also work with seamen from all over the world including Ukraine, Eastern Europe, India and other countries to meet our clients’ requirements.


Крюинговое агентство ООО АЛЛ КРЮ / ALL CREW LLC предлагает морякам услуги по трудоустройству в море на различные типу судов иностранных и российских судовладельцев, а также подготовку документов для оформление УЛМ (удостоверения личности моряка) и мореходной книжки.


Вакансии All Crew LLC

Single Engineer

General cargo

$ 4 000 - $ 4 000 в мес.

10.08.2020 (4 месяцев)


General cargo

$ 1 790 - $ 1 790 в мес.

15.08.2020 (6 месяцев)

AB Seaman

Tug boat

$ 1 000 - $ 1 000 в мес.

14.08.2020 (6 месяцев)


General cargo

$ 1 825 - $ 1 825 в мес.

10.08.2020 (6 месяцев)