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Global Personnel Service
Описание:  Our Company Global Personnel Service was duly established in 2015 and licensed by Ministry of Labor of Ukraine. GPS is young and developing company specializing in recruiting of highly qualified Ukrainian and Russian crew to our principals’ vessels.

 Our staff is a team of well-qualified specialists who continuously monitoring that the high quality of the services we provide is maintained and improved in order to meet our clients requirements and to exceed their expectations. Seagoing carrier of our staff enable us to provide professional service to shipping companies.
Global Personal Service provide our principals with the following services:
- selection of appropriate candidates according to owner’s requirements;
- checking documents for validity and compliance with the latest regulations;
- checking previous service (references, evaluation forms, sea service records);
- checking professional level of English language (Interview and Marlins Test);
- checking of seafarers’ professional skills (CES Test, Interview);
- additional pre-joining training
- seafarers’ familiarization with the Company’s policies and requirements;
- visa arrangement;
- application for flag state documents;
- preparing all necessary documents for crew dispatching (crew list, guarantee letter etc.);
- travel arrangement;
- communication with the agents;
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World Maritime Crewing Ltd.

Агентство: WMC LTD.

Адрес: Ukraina, Odessa, Kanatnaya str. 81/3


Агентство: Атлант

Адрес: Ростов-на-Дону, 25 Линия, 49.

Euromarine Shipping LLC

Адрес: Украина, Одесса,г.Одесса, ул. Транспортная, 5


Адрес: Одесса, ул. Солнечная 1Б, оф. 84

Описание: Уважаемые моряки, нам требуются специалисты с опытом работы в должности и уровнем английского языке выше среднего. Отправляйте, пожалуйста, свои анкеты на почту: odessa@globalseaways.com
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Amatus Crew

Агентство: Amatus

Адрес: Украина, г. Кременчуг, ул. Жданова, 12, к. 5


"Amatus Crew" established by professional, confident and experienced recruiters. "Amatus Crew" is a worldwide network of international recruitment agencies working together to facilitate split-fee placements. That means recruiters are sharing information to fill your open positions with top-quality candidates. Our global recruiters have access to a pool of passive candidates. "Amatus Crew" delivers to our partners a world of possibilities through an international recruiting network. Our goal - to efficiently fulfil the high expectations of Employer and Employee. We are open for cooperation with new partners and can guaranty solid confidentiality!

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GO Marine Ports Management LLC

Агентство: GO Marine

Адрес: United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi Cornish street, old ADNIF Building next to Sea Shell, Total Support Business Centre,10th floor, office 7.

Описание: We are the managing company of marine projects, coordinate and carry out activities in marine industry in Middle East and worldwide. Our company is a partner of Total Support Holding presided by Н.H. Sheikh Nahyan Bin Hamdan Bin Mohammad Al Nahyan. Our partnership relationships with the holding ensure the maximum level of organization, support, and development of marine projects in Middle East and worldwide. 
Our central office is located in the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates is the heart of marine business in Middle East, that’s why our team decided to headquarter in the UAE’s capital, Abu Dhabi, in order to maximize efficiency of cooperation with our customers and partners. We recognize that the success of our company depends on the quality of people. Their personality, skills and motivation contribute to our partners good image, market performance and reputation and impact the unique experience and satisfaction of our customers.
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Universal Baltic Partners Oє

Агентство: Vald

Описание: Эстонская компания Universal Baltic Partners OÜ c 2007 года успешно работает в сфере судоремонта и судоходства на условиях субподряда с одним постоянным заказчиком. Заказчик организует работы по судоремонту в Экваториальной Гвинее , г. Малабо на двух доках и осуществляет перевозку цемента из Турции и Португалии в Экваториальную Гвинею на четырех судах. Эстонская компания по заявкам заказчика направляет на доки специалистов по судоремонту, которые работают там вахтовым графиком. Компания обеспечивает визовое оформление, проезд туда-обратно, проживание , питание, лечение , страховку. Согласно условий договора наша компания при необходимости подыскивает по заявкам заказчика моряков в экипажи судов. В основном коллективы судоремонтников и экипажи судов стабильны , но периодически , если кто то из работников нарушает условия договора или увольняется по окончании срока действия контракта , то подыскиваем для них замену. При необходимости обращаемся в крюинги в Украине , России. Нас интересуют в основном специалисты: старшие механики,  вторые механики,  докмейстеры.

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Crew Recruitment Services

Агентство: Crew Recruitment Services

Адрес: Off. 532, Fontanskaya doroga street 11

Описание: Crew Recruitment Services is engaged in providing seafarers to the shipowners throughout the World.
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Ди Стар Марин / Di Star Marine

Агентство: DSMarine

Адрес: 67 Pushkinskaya str., ODESSA, UKRAINE


We provide the sailors with the services of job placement on the ships of foreign ships’ owners. We observe the compliance with the contract’s terms and conditions of both parties. We select the qualified crew for the ships’ owners and we conduct all necessary interviews and tests with each candidate. We control the sailors’ documents by checking their legitimacy for the avoidance of problems during the examination on the ships.

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Адрес: Одесса, Польский Спуск, 11, 7 этаж, 3 офис


AQUAMARINE CREW AGENCY is a fast growing and innovative marine company located in Odessa, Ukraine. Our Agency is fully licensed in accordance with the requirements of Ministry of Labor and Social Policy of Ukraine.

We are able to provide fast and excellent recruitment service to all Maritime companies within the Oil and Gas industries,with well-experienced and competent seamen for all types of vessels: Bulkers, Containers, Multi-Purposes, Reefers, Oil Tankers, Chemical Tankers, LPG, LNG etc.
Today we have a list of over 15000 crewmembers in our database, which we have collected through the years. They are highly qualified seafarers who is in full accordance with STCW ’95 and completely complying with all IMO/ISPC/ISM rules and regulations.
AQUAMARINE CREW AGENCY is pleased to be at your complete service at all time in order to provide you our exceptional services and to fulfill with promptness & efficiency. We look forward to see in our office Ukrainian seafarers of all ranks or to send their application via e-mail to our company for consideration.
We will endeavor to consistently meet and exceed clients’ expectations.
AQUAMARINE CREW AGENCY based on 3 values:


 Carrying – carrying about our people which we work with.



 Efficiency – we can provide the Shipowners with good candidates in a very short time. We can prepare all pre - embarkation document procedures very fast and effective.


 Quality – we carry out a qualitative selection of seafarers.




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  Крюинговая компания " Марин про Сервис" осуществляет крюинг в Одессе с 1995 года.Нашей главной задачей является трудоустройство украинских моряков по всему миру. Мы работаем с большим количеством компаний, у которых всегда есть актуальные вакансии для моряков.Для работодателей у нас создана база данных моряков,насчитывающая более 10000 резюме моряков,а это значит, что мы предоставляем специалистов всех типов на контейнеровозы,балкера,сухогрузы,танкера,многоцелевые суда,автоперевозчики, т.е. осуществляем качественный крюинг.

  Наши офисы находятся в 3 самых больших портах Украины-Одессе,Измаиле,Херсоне. Именно поэтому Одесский крюинг " Марин про Сервис" известен по всей Украине.
  Крюинговая компания сертифицирована"BUREAU VERITAS Certification" согласно с международным стандартом ISO 9001:2008 и успешно проходит ежегодный внешний аудит.


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Global Work ST

Агентство: Serg Mars

Адрес: Украина Одесса Маршала Говорова 7

Описание: 'GlobalWorkSt' Maritime Agency based in Odessa ,Ukraine, that specializes in providing qualified Ship’s Guard officers and crew for ship-owners and ship management companies worldwide. We have been carrying out our services in a professional and efficient way and provide qualified and competent Ukrainian crew for all types of vessels. We are 5 years on the market, growing agency managed by professionals according to all new regulations and marine laws our aim to bring a new stream to the crewing recruitment and manning services. Our Company has the State Licence for the activity. We are certificated on standart ISO 9001:2008 and accordingly to MLC Convention 2006 We have got big database of seamen any ranks. Our seamen work on different types of vessels: tanker, chemical tanker, bulk carrier, OBO, container, general cargo, reefer, ro-ro,Yachts. Our Agency is most active in the following fields of business : Selection and requirements of duly qualified and trained officers and ratings, including Junior officers and engineers, deck and engine cadets.; Training courses – special qualifications; Contract formalities; Visa formalities; Administration and control; Provide control of passing a medical examination for seamen in accordance with Medical Centres including vessel flag requirements, requirements of American P&I Club, Nord England P&i Club and etc. Also we have training centre for preparing Marine Welders and Turners(gas,electro,argon welding). Inside our company there is School for future Stewardesses(with courses of English and Germany languages). We would like to propose you full service and if you're interested in excellent ukrainian seamen for your fleet, please contact us and we will supply you immediately.
e-mail:globalworkst777@gmail.com e-mail: sergmars1965@mail.ru e-mail: vmships7@gmail.com Phone number:+38(094)9306326 +38(063)5859089
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Агентство: Hermes777

Адрес: Украина, г.Одесса, ул.Ивана Франко,55, офис 7

Описание: Welcome to Hermes Maritime Ltd. We are dynamic crewmanning company and biggest provider of highly qualified crew in Ukraine for any types of vessels.
Our mission is to connect shipping companies with highly competent seafarers.

Our aim is to provide the best service covering any specific qualifications and crewing requirements.

The main principals of the company are the flexible method of approach to the clients and very strict policy in the field of the observing quality request.
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Black Sea Agency
Описание: The Black Sea Agency was constitute in 2000 and established at Odessa (Ukraine) , certified and government licensed agency ,reliable business partner that always delivers what is promised and adds value to the business of its clients, using our own resources (marine data base : Officers & crew of all ranks experienced to work aboard container vessels, general cargo, bulk carriers , tankers , LPG/c , chemical tankers etc ) . Our efforts are directed to provide our principals with high quality services, always in time and in full compliance with all requirements as office staff consist of specialist well qualified for their work in this segment. We pays a great deal of importance in recruiting medically fit seafarers and has established medical attendance procedures for all seafarers
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Stena Marine Management Novorossiysk Department

Агентство: SMM - NVRSK

Адрес: SMM Ltd. S.Petersburg, Novorossiysk Department, 2nd floor, 1 Rubina street, Novorossiysk, Russia

International Maritime Manning Agency

Адрес: г.Одесса, ул. Гайдара 13, офис 311

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