AB Seaman

Wage,$ 800

Vessel Type Crew boat

Contract duration 6 mo.

Start date 09.10.2020

Vessel DWT 199

Working conditions - period: 15.04.-15.10.2019., Monday-Friday, not every weekend -Three trips per day: the first cruise is 9 hours, the second cruise 45 min. and the third 2 hours. The weekend does not usually work (exception when we organize private events at the boat). Job description: - Mooring and unmooring of vessels - Washing and cleaning of the ship, including: sanitary facilities and indoor lounges - Set up and dinner tables for buffet lunch and dinner - Basic maintenance of the ship Accommodation is provided in air-conditioned apartment - located 15-minute walk from Gruz Port. Required - desired Quality of Candidates: - English language skills, politeness and non-smoker Food is provided at the board. Work clothing is provided.