AB Seaman

  • Wage: $ 43 per day
  • Vessel Type: Platform Supply vessel
  • Start date: 05/02/2021
  • Contract duration: 4 months

Information about vacancy AB Seaman (for Platform Supply vessel):

AB on PSV DP2-43 EUR per day VSL’s type – PSV DP2; Wages – 43 EUR per day; Contract Duration: 120 days +/-30 days; Area of sailing – Abu Dhabi; Join date – Beg. of the February 2021; Comments: The candidate must hold Certificate of Proficiency of Able Seafarer; Minimum obligatory experience: 6 months on similar types of vessels actual onboard in the rank of AB. Age Limit – 50 years old; Please apply with: 1.Updated CV with details of sea service; 2.COC and Endorsement and all valid STCW certificates; 3. Passport copy; 4. Seaman’s Identification Card, Seaman’s Seagoing Service Record Book and DP Log Book copies of all pages with details of sea service evidence of each vessel as details mentioned on CV; 5. Reference from previous employer; 6.Medical certificate. Send your CVs to crew@navis-odessa.com or get hired faster: http://navis-odessa.com/application-form-online Join our Telegram Channel to see the new vacancies earlier than anyone else: https://t.me/Navis_NCM

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