Зарплата, $ 1 680

Тип судна Passenger vessel

Продолжительность 1 мес.

Дата посадки 24.11.2018

We are looking for UPHOLSTER with valid B1 visa, contract length is about 2 weeks. This position assumes work as a contractor. Salary $6 per hour, weekly salary is about $420 Exceptional performance bonus 5% to 20% of monthly salary Responsibilities Responsible for assisting carpenters on job sites with carious tasks, including gather materials for workers to handle on job sites, Keep job sites clean and machines serviced, Cover services with plastic material to protect them, Cut and install insulation, Cut and fit carpet or linoleum, Spread adhesives on flooring to prepare for tile, Build scaffolding, shoring, and braces, Cut timber and lumber to specified dimensions, Hold timbers, lumber, and paneling in place for fastening or cutting, Drill holes in lumber, Hold plumb bobs, sighting rods, and other equipment, to aid in establishing reference points and lines, Set hollow metal doors and frames, Install trim and cabinets, Place and set slabs and sidewalks, Assist with slabs and elevated structures, Frame wood, Establish reference points and lines, Smooth and sand surfaces using power sanders. Requirements: All candidates must have 1-3 years of experience (land based experience is suitable) Basic English knowledge Ability to work 12 hours per day, 7 days a week