Senior Project Manager

Wage,$ 1 000

Vessel Type LPG / LNG

Contract duration 12 mo.

Start date 30.04.2019

Site Manager with good knowledge of the LNG ship and exp. On site office administration Salary – negotiable, joining end April/beg May. Candidates will be directly contracted by the owner with standard terms and conditions !. Monthly salary to their bank account s ,Part in south Korea for their expenses 2. Total 30 days annual leave 3 They can bring their families 4. They will be provided transport for any out station jobs and all expenses provided 5. Boarding facility provided at close to Ulsan ship yard 6. Site manager will handle all the accounts and he will distribute local requirement s of cash from their salary to individual managers 7. All of them will sign contracts with the parent company . It is a long term project where they will have yearly contract with The owners with standard terms and condition .Suitable candidate for the posts can quote expected salary and have direct video conference with them if approved by the owners .