Fitter / Welder

  • Wage: $ 2 800 - $ 3 200 per month
  • Vessel Type: Cruise Liner
  • Start date: 07/06/2023
  • Contract duration: 3 months

  • Trading Region: Mediterranean Region
  • Vessel Year Built: 2006
Information about vacancy Fitter / Welder (for Cruise Liner):

Cruise Vessel located in EU / Greece
30 crew members on board

Lead and assist in executing pipefitting/welding of steel, copper, PVC, and flange piping.
Cut materials with various tools including torches, reciprocating saws, grinders and plasma cutters to ensure exact measurements.
Work includes using torches, grinders and other power tools to cut material to size and prep to weld and paint.
Assemble hoisting and rigging equipment.
Repair and re-fit oil rig platforms.
Used all PPE equipment correctly and safely.
Operate TIG to repair cores with incomplete vacuum oven bonding.
Supervise and install commercial 
HVAC systems, plumbing and sewer systems.
Gain qualification to be able to perform tack welds on naval vessels.
Job duties are to assemble and tack-weld parts as per blue print specifications.
Assist rig manager in planning for work load, schedule and timeline expectations.
Perform high-quality MIG welding and weld testing for leading manufacturer of platform trailers.
Build, tack, and TIG weld aluminium parts per Link-belt blueprint qualifications.

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