IT System Support Engineer

  • Wage: Salary Negotiable
  • Vessel Type: Passenger vessel
  • Start date: 02/04/2023
  • Contract duration: 4 months

  • Vessel DWT: 1777
Information about vacancy IT System Support Engineer (for Passenger vessel):

Responsibility for the performance and professional process with regard to all IT networks and IT systems on board; including internet café/ Crew Bar, IT part of the V-Sat system, hardware and accessories.
Independent care, maintenance and repair of all IT elements on board (hotel + deck & engine)
Administration of the entire IT infrastructure: RESCOM
Administration of the entire VMware Environment
Ship internal support service in the software area, assist with ambiguities; Fixing problems, failures, training new employees in the existing computer systems (backend systems)
Responsible for the proper backup of all data throughout the ship, restoring data in the event of data loss.
Review and control of Inventory, movements and ordering processes in the area of responsibility
Ensure satellite communications of the ship
Ensuring IT operation of the ship (PC/POS/check in/PAX Media system/server/air conditioning)
First and second level support for the IT users on the ship
Working close together with shore IT Team

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  • Wage: Salary Negotiable
  • Vessel Type: Passenger vessel
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