• Wage: Salary Negotiable
  • Vessel Type: Passenger vessel
  • Start date: 30/11/2022
  • Contract duration: 3 months
  • Seaman Citizenship: Ukraine

Information about vacancy Receptionist (for Passenger vessel):

Receptionist - passenger (expedition) vsl - 4000 GRT, 120 pax - 30th of November. - 3:3 months rotation. Global Gallery Manager / Receptionist - dual role where time is shared between the Gallery and Front Desk. Open and staff the Gallery. Create, maintain and rotate merchandising displays daily in the Gallery and in display cases throughout the ship. Experience in same position(s) cruise ships. Very good command of English language.

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  • Wage: $ 4 000 per month
  • Vessel Type: Passenger vessel
  • Start date: 01/02/2023
  • Contract duration: 3 months
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