Mess Boy

  • Зарплата: $ 1 037 в мес.
  • Тип судна: Crude Oil Tanker
  • Дата посадки: 15/12/2022
  • Длина контракта: 6 месяцев

  • DWT судна: 74898
  • Тип ГД: MAN-B&W
  • Год постройки: 2006
Информация о вакансии Mess Boy (for Crude Oil Tanker):

! Please send your CV to

The salary is negotiable based on the experience, references, appraisals from previous companies for each seafarer.
Minimum experience in rank - 3 months
Seafair is a digital-first global manning agency with offices in the US, Germany, Greece, Philippines, and Ukraine, currently managing over 300 vessels. We provide fully remote employment with a support of highly qualified Crew Operators from the moment of the receipt of your CV to the moment of your arrival on board of the vessel.
Seafair works with the below values:
- Well-paid jobs on-time
- Top reputed Shipowners
- 100% digital process
- Professional 24/7 support

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