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Information about SC KRU MARITIME SRL

When you say Kru Maritime, you say honesty, stability, professionalism, promptitude, kindness and amability.

Kru Maritime was born because of the need to offer an upright alternative of jobs to our seafarers and also to fulfill the needs of Shipowners in finding good crew for their vessels.

From the very beginning, our inspiration was helping others, and this will remain always our main objective.

Since 2002, our Team has tried their best to show only dedication and care towards our clients’ needs, both Shipowners and crew members.

We are 24/7 ready to be of help and to be at your service!

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23-A, Vladimirsky prospect, “Renaissance Hall”, 6 th Floor, Office 606, St.Petersburg, 191002, Russia

Сабанський провулок, 3 оф. 13-N, м. Одеса, 65014

vassileos konstantinou 79

Театральная 23

Украина, г. Одесса, Французский бульвар 54/23, 3 этаж , Офис 302

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