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Информация о Optus marine crew management

OPTUS MARINE CREW MANAGEMENT LTD is constantly looking for qualified and hard working seafarers, appreciating honesty and professionalism.

MLC 2006 compliance approved by Bureau Veritas quarantees that all services are rendered in accordance with MLC 2006 requirements.

All our services are free of charge for seafarers. Applicants are not required to pay any commissions. 

Applying to OPTUS MARINE CREW MANAGEMENT LTD you will have a fair opportunity to:

- obtain highest quality services at no costs;

- work for first-class world known ship owner and ship operators;

- get competitive salary in accordance with your qualification and experience;

- identify your training needs;

- improve your professional skills;

- get advice and assistance in obtaining STCW documents, VISA, etc.;

- get 24 hours a day, 7 days a week assistance during travel;

- get professional support and advice during your tenure on board;

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