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Информация о Seawhale

Company “Saewhale” was founded in May 2002 in Arkhangelsk.

All the employees of the company have marine education, experience in crewing and of working on merchant marine vessels.

At the present moment the company has been dynamically growing, considerably widening its sphere of activity. Having its representatives in St-Petersburg and Petrozavodsk, the company is employing seamen for various positions to all-purpose vessels, seagoing tugs and other dry-cargo ships. The Compnay’s partners are English, German, Norwegean, Dutch shipowners. The Company’s activity is effected in accordance with the requirements of Russian legislation and international conventions in respect of marine crew employment, conforms to ISO 9001-2000 standard and has a certificate of conformity ANO CKS under the Transport Ministry of Russia, conforming the quality of the rendered services of employing Russian seamen to vessels flying the flag of foreign countries. The Company also has a licence of the Federal Migration Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia to employ Russian citisens for working abroad.

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Вакансии Seawhale

AB Seaman

Bulk Carrier (BALTIC PEARL)

$ 1 843 - $ 1 843 в мес.

10.04.2021 (6 месяцев)

Chief Engineer

Container Ship (MOTIVATION D)

$ 7 150 - $ 7 150 в мес.

10.04.2021 (6 месяцев)

3rd Officer

Multi-Purpose Vessel (Onego Traveller)

$ 2 793 - $ 2 793 в мес.

20.03.2021 (6 месяцев)

3rd Officer

Container Ship (MOTIVATION D)

$ 2 793 - $ 2 793 в мес.

12.03.2021 (6 месяцев)

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