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Pacific Gas (Hong Kong) Holdings Limited and its affiliate companys (hereinafter referred to as Pacific Gas) were established in April 2013.

Pacific Gas provides oceangoing shipping and management service, for Methane(LNG), Ethane, Propane and Butane (LPG), and various petrochemical gas products including Ethylene, Propylene, Butadiene and etc.

The headquarter was established in Hongkong, and the company has also established offices in Singapore, and Mumbai. The operation headquarter locates in Shanghai. Pacific Gas is affiliated to Shandong Marine Group Company.

Pacific Gas is the first Chinese-background company who stepped into the Very Large Gas Carrier (VLGC) and Very Large Ethane Carrier (VLEC) market. Having a global operation team of high professional qualities. Ranking in the first tier in the VLGC/VLEC/LEG segment globally.

As of April 2023, Pacific Gas operates or manages a modern shipping fleet of 8 VLGCs, 5 LEGs and 2 VLECs, total 15 vessels on the water. Another 7 VLEC newbuildings are under construction.

  • VLGC Shipping

Pacific Gas is the first company in China to enter the VLGC (Very Large Gas Carrier) shipping market and owns the largest LPG ocean shipping fleet in China. Currently, Pacific Gas operates eight VLGCs.

  • LEG Shipping

The company is the first company in China to enter the handy-size LEG shipping market and owns the largest LEG ocean shipping fleet in China. It completed the delivery of 5 LEGs (ethylene capable) from 2018 to 2019.

  • VLEC Shipping

In 2019, the company and INEOS reached a charter agreement for 2 VLEC ships. Having the world's largest ethane capable tank capacity and the world's first Type-B tank, 99,000 cubic meters, "PACIFIC INEOS BELSTAFF" was officially delivered in 2021. The sister vessel, "PACIFIC INEOS GRENADIER” was delivered in 2022, marking the company's official entry into the field of very large liquefied ethane transportation. In addition, the company has successfully signed 7 VLEC newbuilding contracts from 2022 to 2023.


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