Saint-Petersburg Maritime Company (SPM Co)

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Информация о Saint-Petersburg Maritime Company (SPM Co)

“Saint Petersburg Maritime Company” was established in 1998. Selection and hiring of shipboard personnel for different types of vessels belonging to Russian and foreign vessel-owners was defined as one of the general activities of the company. In November 2006 the company entered Norbulk Shipping UK LTD – a large international shipping group.

Always welcomed: Masters, Chief Officers, Chief Engineers, Second Engineers, and other experienced officers with good knowledge of English language, experienced on Bulkers and willing to work in multinational crew.

Bulkers, handy size, 2011-2016 years.

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Вакансии Saint-Petersburg Maritime Company (SPM Co)

3rd Engineer

Bulk Carrier

$ 3 650 - $ 3 650 в мес.

25.09.2020 (4 месяцев)

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