Marine Selection Ltd.

Информация о Marine Selection Ltd.

“Marine Selection Ltd” is a reliable Ukrainian crewing company which is a provider of Crew Management for international partners around all over the world. 

Our main objective is to supply high quality in crew placement and satisfy all requirements of shipowners and the seaman’s expectations. 

“Marine Selection Ltd”, is dynamic, perspective and progressive crewing agency is providing recruitment of high quality Ukrainian Seafarers all over the world.

The agency “Marine Selection Ltd” is located in Kherson. 

Our city is well known as city of seamen, we have Maritime Academy, Seamen University, Maritime College, two large Shipbuilding yards, Sea Port, and River Port here.

We are managing huge database of crew members of all ranks, for all kind of vessels. All of them are well trained, qualified, competent, responsible, hard-working, all personnel fully comply with STCW ’95 requirements and with relevant experience.

We have already long enough experience in crew placement and our service is fast, efficient, and giving best satisfaction for both crew and employers.

We specialize in the recruitment of Marine Crew to all kind of Merchant and Offshore fleet.

Reliable quality of our services at all stages of the selection of crew provides the best results. 

Our Company is registered and licensed in accordance with legislation of Ukraine.

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Вакансии Marine Selection Ltd.

Chief Engineer

Bulk Carrier

$ 5 500 в мес.

03.02.2022 (7 месяцев)

3rd Officer

Bulk Carrier

$ 1 500 в мес.

05.02.2022 (7 месяцев)

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