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Информация о Work Line International

Work line International Company was founded by marine Experts and Advisers with total experience more than 25 years in Oil Gas Industry fleet operation like: chartering, cstering and financial relations.
Later WLI expanded to Crew Manager services for worldwide fleet. By the present time WLI built up a massive of database of various personnel available to our Clients on short notice.
We do realize success and profit of the business inside of the industry such as Oil & Gas Processing. Therefore direct benefit is major vision what we embody into the life. It concerns the following aspects: chartering; proper management either in crew change or/and terms and wages arrangements.

WLI vision is the same as the trend(objective), and huge will is to get success and integrity of connections as well as understanding between seafarers in the pool and the Clients. Under the same circumstances different useful programs are created by WLI for seamen, initially agreed with the Client.

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