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      Global Crewing Ltd. is an independent British-Bulgarian company providing specialist marine recruitment and management services for both seagoing and shore based personnel covering all sectors of the shipping industry but with particular emphasis on the tanker and offshore market.
      Headquartered in Bulgaria one of the countries with a strong maritime history and traditions, well renowned for providing world class marine professionals and well educated and skilled workforce backed up with wide experience and passion for hard work. We do have know-how based experience of working for and with one of the most prestigious Oil majors, offshore, container and bulk clientele.

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Вакансии Global Crewing Ltd.


Crude Oil Tanker

$ 6 000 в мес.

20.03.2021 (4 месяцев)

3rd Officer

Crude Oil Tanker

$ 4 100 в мес.

20.03.2021 (4 месяцев)

3rd Engineer

Crude Oil Tanker

$ 4 760 в мес.

20.03.2021 (4 месяцев)

2nd Engineer

Crude Oil Tanker

$ 12 200 в мес.

20.03.2021 (3 месяцев)

2nd Engineer

Bulk Carrier

$ 7 300 в мес.

27.02.2021 (4 месяцев)

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