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Информация о ООО Медиа Холдинг Лик

Company "Media Holding "LIK" LLC was established in 2006, and provides recruitment services since the day of establishment.In 2011 we changed the type of governmental registration from private company to Enterprise, and in March 2012 renewed a licenseof Ministry of Labor and Social Politics of Ukraine, which is now is permanent. The main office of company is located in Mariupol, Donetsk region, Ukraine, today we have active branch in Turkey.

We have large experience in the selection of personnel for foreign employers, we work with such countries as Poland, Lithuania, Turkey, Germany, France, Canada and Netherlands. 

Our company spares the special attention to forming of highly skilled labor resource, by means of carefully thought and checked system of selection, training and motivation of work of seamen, forming of high-professional steady and perspective skilled reserve. In our database we have officers and ratings with different qualification and experience. 

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