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Crew manning Agency Wellteam Marine was founded in 2006 by branch from the navigable Russian-Ukrainian Company (1995). The company is fully licensed by Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Ukraine for manning activities. We have an affiliate office Wellteam Marine in Kiev which is arranging agency service for seamen. 

Having attitude to fleet and navigation for more than 10 years, we offer crew manning services, providing capable and service-conscious competent seafarers, qualified in accordance with STCW 1978/1995 requirements, medically fit, expertly trained and experienced to operate the type of vessel they are assigned for. Our seafarers are educated with the highest attitude towards work and are proficient in English.



In our company staff are: 
Deep Sea Captain (1951 yob) with experience of work in rank (from 1978 year) on Research, fishing and merchant types of ships. 
Chief Engineer (1969 yob) with experience of work in rank (from 2005) on merchant and tanker types of ships.




The policy of our company is quick, but exact and qualitative selection of candidates according to ship owners’ demands. Our Company consists of young, energetic, initiative workers and it lets us to provide duly performance of the problems put to us from the shipowner and to develop the spectrum of our services in various directions. 

Our purpose to become the irreplaceable partner in sphere of sea business for our clients.

Wellteam wanted by many, but works only with the best crew!

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