Founded in 2011 company ATILLA is a rich in experience, dynamically developing private ship manning company. A member of international group of crew management partner companies, ATILLA  provides employment of seafarers of different ranks form the East European recruiting region (EERR) for ship owners/managers’ companies.
Our history is our experience which helps us to cope with all the tasks put before us.
Our clients are first of all our partners for us. We always value the opinion and the positions of our clients. Discharging our obligations before the customer, we realise that no strategic partnership is possible without mutual trust. It is the trust of our clients that allows us to reach complete mutual understanding. Step by step, result by result we reach our common purpose.
Our employees are our main resource, the secret of ATILLA success. The constant search of new decisions, chasing the knowledge, gaining and advancing one’s skills represent the current reality of our corporative life.
We know what the united command, the difficulties and the search for the right decision, the pleasant tiredness after well done work mean. Getting fair satisfaction and feeling proud for what we have already done we consider the cooperation with every new client to be a chance for search and gaining the unique decision. Therefore every next victory of our customer, every new summit in our client’s development becomes at the same time our victory and stimulation for growing.
The growth and the success of our clients are the growth and the success of ATILLA either.
ATILLA  builds its relations with the clients and partners basing on the balance of mutual interests. We understand clearly how serious the process of the search for qualified personnel is for the employers, the same as the search for job for the seafarers. Therefore ATILLA  makes every effort to create the most productive cooperation with the minimum spending of your energy and resources. We would like to express our respect and gratefulness to our clients and partners for the given possibility of the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience which furthers our mutual development.
We propose you the level of cooperation which you are interested in, from the simplest consultation, promotion of your company in the Ukrainian market up to the crew management of your vessel.
We are ready, it’s up for you to choose.
1 Limited to members of the Commonwealth of Independent States (C.I.S.) (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan), plus three non-member states of Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

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