DFM Ukraine LLC (ex-Dobson Fleet Management)

Информация о DFM Ukraine LLC (ex-Dobson Fleet Management)

DFM Ukraine is a modern type manning agency acting on behalf of a
 WE based ships management company whose goal is to select best class
 Ukrainian crew for the head company’s fleet, check their readiness,
 certification etc.
 What we do?
 We act as a full representative in Ukraine, using all legal means
 to select and supply ship’s crew, provide full check of crew’s
 readiness and abilities including reliability, upon their approval
 provide all pre-joining arrangements including flag documents,
 updating national documents, overalls supply, domestic
 transportations and air tickets booking, liaise with port agents etc.
 To summarize, we have experience of work under the head company’s
 Quality & Safety procedures, keep the required forms and be
 certified by Class for international quality standards for a manning agency.
We can help you with suitable candidates
on your requests.

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