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The Anglo-Eastern Group has been established in the mid 80s with a primary focus on the provision of Ship Management, Crew Management and New Building Consultancy services to third parties worldwide.

Anglo-Eastern has a pool of over 15,000 professional crewmembers and over 1100 full-time qualified shore-based staff positioned globally to assist owners with their needs. Anglo-Eastern firmly believes in People, Leadership and Technical Excellence as the foundation of reliable and effective service. As a result, the group has grown steadily over the years and been rewarded with ever increasing employee loyalty.
In selection of both sea and shore based staff, Anglo-Eastern maintains an industry leading standard of recruitment and training: developing its people, in a friendly, inter-active working environment, geared towards continuous improvement.

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Вакансии Anglo-Eastern Ukraine

2nd Officer

Bulk Carrier

$ 3 700 в мес.

15.08.2021 (6 месяцев)

3rd Officer

Bulk Carrier

$ 3 000 в мес.

17.08.2021 (6 месяцев)

El. Engineer

Bulk Carrier (La Stella)

$ 5 700 - $ 6 000 в мес.

30.07.2021 (4 месяца)

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Raina street 20, Jelgava, Latvia

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