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 Crew manning agency «Universal Service», in Odessa, Ukraine.

Our company has been working on the crewing market since 2000. We propose Ship-owners to recruit qualified and competent Ukrainian officers and ratings for all types of vessels.
We have a vast database of more than 37.000 marine specialists, our seafarers have all the required documents, work experience, knowledge of English, medical certificates and they pass checking of professionalism.

Our main objective is to supply our Principals with crew/seafarers who are well disciplined, qualified and competent. We carry out our ship crew recruitment activity on the basis of State License No AB 585006 issued by the Ministry of labor and social policy of Ukraine of 12.09.2011.

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Украина, г. Одесса, Люстдорфская дорога, 92В

6b Belinskogo Str., office 2, Odessa, Ukraine

19 W 24th Street

ul. Dm Donskogo 17, office 3

12th Floor, Quantum tower, C.T.S. No. 1, Rambaugh, off. S.V. Road, Chincholi, Malad West