Stella Marine Company, Ltd Odessa Branch

Адрес 6b Belinskogo Str., office 2, Odessa, Ukraine

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We would like to introduce our "Stella Marine Company Ltd", one of the most successful and developing Crew agencies in Ukraine, located in Odessa and Kherson.
The accumulated experience of over 7 years in crew business (since its foundation) . During these years we have gathered the great pool of the seafarers, who have large marine experience, good knowledge of English and all the documents necessary in compliance with STCW 95 requirements.
Our mission is to provide professional and competent crew services to Shipowners/Managers which will support and encourage safe and efficient ship operation, as well as to help Ukrainian qualified marine officers and crew to realize their high potential and knowledge and to find stable and permanent job at sea.

Вакансии Stella Marine Company, Ltd Odessa Branch


General cargo

$1 636 в месяц

01.12.2018 (6 месяцев)

Chief Cook

General cargo

$1 835 в месяц

01.12.2018 (6 месяцев)

Chief Engineer

General cargo

$6 500 в месяц

07.12.2018 (6 месяцев)


Heavy lift vessel

$1 800 в месяц

03.01.2019 (6 месяцев)


Bulk Carrier

$8 700 в месяц

30.11.2018 (5 месяцев)