S 4 Point Maritime Agency

Адрес 2, Frantsuzskiy Boulevard

Сайт http://www.s4point.com

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Maritime agency "S 4 POINT"

Glad to introduce our company providing a wide range of services to vessels of all types of foreign and Ukrainian ship owners.
«S 4 POINT MARITIME AGENCY» started her career in market for the provision of marine services in 2009 in Odessa, as the largest maritime center and transport corridor of Ukraine.
«S 4 POINT MARITIME AGENCY» is licensed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Ukraine АЕ 272397, has passed re-examination10/01/2014. With fairly extensive connections and capabilities, as well as a huge potential, we strive to do our work with high quality, efficient, with maximum efficiency and is always ready for fruitful cooperation for mutual success and prosperity.

Вакансии S 4 Point Maritime Agency


Heavy lift vessel

$ 1 600 - $ 1 600 в мес.

27.09.2019 (7 месяцев)

Chief Officer

Heavy lift vessel

$ 6 000 - $ 6 200 в мес.

25.09.2019 (6 месяцев)


Heavy lift vessel

$ 4 000 - $ 4 000 в мес.

26.09.2019 (6 месяцев)