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Crewing Marine Agency “A.T.T. Bermudas“ is a private company organized and existing under the Laws of Ukraine has his own registered office in the port area of Mariupol which is traditionally called “ The Sea Gate of Donbass” at 35, Lunin Av., Mariupol, Ukraine, 87510.
Since its foundation in 1993 our company has been specializing in recruitment of seafarers for our partners and from the beginning was the only one private enterprise coming into the crewing market of Mariupol.
The professional skills of our staff made us the biggest, reputable crewing agency in Mariupol and the experience of our worldwide activity shows that we are the Company that seamen and ship owners can trust.
Providing the highly skilled service we have gained good results. During the last years we continuously have around 500 seafarers working on different types of vessels: dry cargo and container ships, bulk and timber carriers, tankers, Ro-Ro vessels, Reefers and tugs.
Our Ukrainian seafarers are well known around the world and the number of them working under foreign flags reached 40.000, the third highest after Philippines and Russians. And over 28.000 of them are employed by Greek Shipowners.
The main reason of successful export of Ukrainian seamen is their high professional and educational level and as a rule they have a good knowledge of English. Our sailors can work in mixed crews, adapt rather quickly and easily. This has great appeal to foreign employers since the combination of professionalism, skills and coordination is very significant in such specific human resource market as marine crewing.
All of “A.T.T. Bermudas “ candidates possess the abovementioned attributes. We are proud to say that we have the similar unlimited choice of skilled marine specialists and as professionals we are able to offer the customers highly qualified seafarers. On the other hand we propose the seafarers to take into consideration that our company afford an opportunity of the stable work and can guarantee personal approach to each candidate during his service on board and certain assistance his being at shore.
I hope you’ll see the real opportunity in our proposal and we would welcome the chance of discussing your needs immediately supplying the vessels with our best personnel. The experience we have gained makes us confident that you won’t be disappointed.


Cpt. Valentyn Plavelskyy
President of "A.T.T.-Bermudas"

Вакансии A.T.T. - BERMUDAS

3rd Engineer

Multi-Purpose Vessel

$ 3 421 в мес.

10.05.2020 (4 месяцев)

El. Engineer

Container Ship

$ 5 300 в мес.

15.04.2020 (4 месяцев)

Fitter / Welder

Bulk Carrier

$ 1 800 в мес.

25.04.2020 (6 месяцев)

Chief Engineer

Container Ship

$ 7 400 в мес.

25.04.2020 (4 месяцев)