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You can find out here about current job vacancies. If you meet the minimum requirements for an available position, we will contact you to discuss the job and your qualifications. We may also take various skills or knowledge tests.

If you are interested in a job at “Marine Relay Agency”, you may:

fill Application form and send us back to our e-mail address: info@marine-relay-agency.com
Main requirement is knowledge of English Language.


Documents to be presented:

Seaman's Book
International Passport
Licenses and Certificates according to the STCW-78/95
Photography (3*4)
Civilian Passport


Recruitment procedure:

• In the first stage of the recruitment process the Crewing Company will consider the sea service of each seafarer in order to determine:
The suitability of each seafarer within the company's pool of available vessels
The seafarers professional education and certification (as per STCW 95)
The seafarers English speaking abilities
• Once it has been determined that your qualifications and experience meet the requirements of our fleet we will then process your application further by entering all your information in our computerized Crewing database.
• Once your application has been electronically recorded in our database the company will then begin the selection process. In order that we can select a suitable vacancy for you we will analyze the current employment market and match your individuals needs, seagoing experience, qualifications and competence against all available positions within the company.
• The final stage of the recruitment procedure is an interview with a representative from shipowner. Once you have been interviewed and approved for a specific assignment we will then issue your contract accordingly.

If you are:
18 - 55 years old;
have good knowledge of spoken and written English language;
holder of all documents and certificates as per STCW requirements;
and you are looking for:
long term employment;
worthy payment of your work;

You are welcome!

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