Black Sea Contractors

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We are crewing agency, Black Seacontractors, we are fully licensed by Ministry of Labour and Social Policy of Ukraine for manning activities License.

Black Seacontractors recruit well-trained skilful seafarers for service on-board of different type of vessels both merchant and offshore fleet.

Our goal is to expand our business to the highest standards of service and to develop kind and beneficial relationships with our potential and existing principals, clients and employees.

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Вакансии Black Sea Contractors


Bulk Carrier (TBN)

$ 8 500 - $ 8 800 в мес.

07.12.2020 (5 месяцев)

AB Seaman

General cargo

$ 1 148 - $ 1 148 в мес.

01.12.2020 (4 месяцев)

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Office 20 Observatornyi lane 2/6

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