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KT Ship Ltd is a management company registered in Estonia and offering services for ship owners and seafarers all over the world.
Our main activity is Crew Management.
KT Ship is well experienced in supplying crew for different types of vessels with all kind of DWTs and equipped with any kind of engines.
The management and employees of our company are dedicated to the provision of high quality services to fully satisfy our client requirements. We have a commitment to comply with legal and other requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of our performance.

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Вакансии KT Ship Ltd

Chief Engineer

Container Ship

$ 8 300 - $ 8 800 в мес.

07.02.2023 (4 месяца)

2nd Engineer

Container Ship

$ 6 300 - $ 6 700 в мес.

08.02.2023 (4 месяца)

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