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NorteMare®, LLC is a young and dynamic Ship and Crew Management- Recruiting company- MLC 2006 certified providing that:

Integrates crew manning services to large multinational clients in carefully targeted marine industry sectors. Our company can provide solutions to all range of Cypriot, Ukrainian, Russian,Filipino, Romanian, Burmese, Indonesian Georgian, Syrian, Egyptian Deck/Engine officers and ratings, auxiliary crew, cadets, engineers and repair teams and shipyard qualified and certified workers, from our branch/affiliated offices in Cyprus, Ukraine, Russia, Philippines, Myanmar, Indonesia, Georgia, Romania etc.
More than two third of our deployed crew is recurring by the rotation systems, successfully implemented together with our principals, over long years of partnerships.

We provide crew within a global framework of four major Service Lines:
1. Cargo ship sector (Tankers,LPG, Containers,Bulk Carriers,Reefer, etc.)
2. Passengers/RO-RO and Yachts
3. Offshore industry( ROV,ATHS, etc.)
4. Personnel for shipyards

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Oil Products Tanker

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AB Seaman

Container Ship

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2nd Officer


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