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Crew management and marine services provider.

Trident Maritime is committed to offering safe and high-quality world-class crewing services. We invest considerable time and effort in recruiting well-qualified crew. The recruiting process is crucial and is constantly being monitored to ensure that we deliver competent and motivated crew to our vessels. Trident Maritime have a strong QHSE philosophy on all levels, and we depend upon our leaders to act as good role models, flexibility is of great importance to mitigate our partners’ needs and requirements. This is very essential for us, the industry and our partners. 

The crew on board the vessels are most important assets. Number of our crew and efficient vessel operation capacity are key measures to evaluate the competitiveness of our services. Trident Maritime is providing a wide range of seamen for tankers, gas carriers, containerships as well as bulkers ranging from handysize to 300,000 ton class VLCCs. We continually strive to improve professional, leadership and crew competence by providing value added training such as various simulator based courses in Cargo & Ballast handling shiphandling, Engine Maneuvering controls and Computer Based Training. 

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Вакансии Trident Maritime

OOW Engine

General cargo

$ 2 705 в мес.

12.01.2023 (6 месяцев)

OOW Engine

General cargo

$ 2 705 в мес.

18.12.2022 (6 месяцев)

Chief Engineer

Chemical tanker

$ 10 800 в мес.

18.12.2022 (4 месяца)

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