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Global ship management company with a passion for quality of service and safety. Since 2009, we have provided peerless fleet management services to our valued clients. General Marine are global providers of seaborne transportation for dry cargo, petrochemical and gases along global shipping routes.

Our management team has more than one hundred years of combined industry experience having been through a number of cycles. General Marine manages its marine assets by focusing on quality and building up highly competent, motivated and loyal seagoing staff to man its ships.

General Marine recruits crew directly, as well as, through owned and appointed network of agencies that is spread across the globe in all major crewing markets. This network extends to 5 offices located in the countries from which seafarers are recruited.  Private Recruitment and Placement Service based on the requirements of the Maritime Labour Convention 2006, Regulation 1.4 accreditation by Class.

Teamwork, leadership and value-added training are the essential ingredients of quality crews. General Marine has built a large pool of dedicated personnel by a strong emphasis on efficiency, effectiveness, commitment and professionalism. A centralized database, networked throughout the group is updated on a continuous basis with medical, certification and other information including training records and crew appraisal results. General Marine has one of best seafarer retention rates in the industry. This is achieved through having proper recruitment, remuneration, continual training and performance appraisal systems in place.

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