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We deal in two fields of shipping- RECRUITMENT of SEAFARERS & SHIP REPAIRS

Dear colleagues and friends,

We recently learned that our company name is being misused by unauthorised parties who are offering fraudulent working contracts to seafarers in our name.

You may be offered a contract by people pretending to act on our behalf and in our name. They will ask you to pay money for their "service".

Please note that:

1. The RIA-MARINE office is the only one authorised to sign and arrange working contracts. We arrange all of our contracts directly.

2. We never ask for money to issue employment contracts. If someone is asking you for money for an  contract, or to arrange visas or other documents, this person is not from our company, and this is most likely a fraudulent attempt.

3. If you are seeking employment, please use our official contact details only.



Whether large or small, every organisation's competitive advantage is their people. We focus on clearly defined crew responsibilities and high retention rates to achieve consistently high vessel performance. We offer on-board, computer-based and on-shore training courses, as well as in-house seminars to help our crews continuously improve their abilities and skills. Our commitment to our seafarers is reflected in direct ship-owner employments as well as our partners international liaison offices in Amsterdam, Istanbul, Riga and Hamburg.  We have always stressed the thorough education and training of our crews on board the  fleet. Running our own crewing agency enables us to reinforce our activities and give our  seamen proper training in line with our requirements and needs.

Regards RIA-MARINE Team

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