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Strong human capital and great technology to deliver the best ship's performance! 

This is, in a nutshell, the philosophy that drives Dutch Company Clearwater Shipmanagement B.V. and Clearvision Crewing, specialized in oil and chemical tanker management. 

We want to grow bigger by staying small. Meaning that we set course for growth, and our flat organisation and open culture keeps us customer-centric without any gaps between the lines. It is all about content in delivery and less about procedural boundaries. We are focused on solutions and performance.

No performance gap, just a team that is fully switched on and on your side to make your ships perform. We built mostly on our human capital, we have great seamen and make the difference by our engaged crew.
There is a direct involvement with the crew, we know them all on a first name basis and we make them feel part of the team to ensure they are dedicated to the common goal of managing the ship. 
We are proud to say that the staff retention rate is very high.

The company has a flat management structure and everyone, including the onboard crews, works as one team with a single focus – performance and success. Acting local is key and one of the reasons the company opened its own crewing office in Odessa - “ClearVision Crewing”, so it can connect to the crew directly.







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