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  Seagrid Crew Management is an accessible recruitment service provider that offers convenient high quality service to its clients, while maintaining high attention to skills, qualification and high working standards of the professionals recruited. We are focusing on providing the best marine personnel for a range of clients mostly in offshore
Oil & Gas Industry

We are always looking for professionals in offshore industry. If you think
you’d be a good fit, please write to us or fill up online application form for faster employment.


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Multi-Purpose Vessel

$ 9 000 - $ 9 000 в мес.

07.12.2020 (3 месяцев)

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Office 20 Observatornyi lane 2/6

Ukraine, Odessa, 19/Б Srednefontanskaya Str. OF 8, Tel-+380487439377

10th April Square 1

г. Севастополь, ул. Вакуленчука 33А/2, офис 8

Украина, г. Одесса, Военный спуск 13A, оф.11. Домофон 31.