Junior officer

  • Зарплата: $ 1 530 в мес.
  • Тип судна: Chemical tanker
  • Дата посадки: 19/02/2019
  • Длина контракта: 6 месяцев

  • DWT судна: 46101
  • Тип ГД: MAN-B&W
  • Мощность ГД, kW: 11510
  • Год постройки: 2009
Информация о вакансии Junior officer (for Chemical tanker):

Rank: Junior Officer Residence: Ukrainian Salary: 1530 $ per Months Duration: 6 Months Category: Shipping Age Limit: 45 y.o. Trading area: World Wide Experience: 12 Months Job Description: For permanent Employee has the system of increase salary and re-joining Onwer's Bonus. Requirements for candidate: Candidate must has appropriate experience on the same size +/- and type of Tankers, also has a valid all docs, USA visa and Tanker endorsements. Good English. Mix crew. Vessel Particulars Type: Chemical Tanker DWT: 46101 Build: 2009 Main Engine: MAN-B&W BHP: 11510 Model: 6S50MC-C Contact Information Person: Ilya Office: Eastern Europe Phone: 380487055005 Email: job-1@seacover.com

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