AB Seaman

  • Зарплата: $ 1 530 - $ 1 530 в мес.
  • Тип судна: Passenger vessel
  • Дата посадки: 01/02/2020
  • Длина контракта: 8 месяцев

Информация о вакансии AB Seaman (for Passenger vessel):

Position Description: Your responsibility will be maintenance and conservation of the vessel’s decks and superstructures. The Sailor A/B is directly subordinate to the Watchkeeping Officer. His prime duty is to aid the Watchkeeping Officer in keeping a safe lookout and to report all sightings and dangers to the Watchkeeping Officer. He should be able to take the wheel always when required and follow helm orders from the Master, Watchkeeping Officer or the Pilotes. Minimum Requirements: • 1-year previous experience as a Sailor OS and at least 2 years of sea service • Deck Watchkeeping Certificate. • Familiarity with bridge procedures, such as hand steering, lookout, acknowledging of fire alarms and hand-held radio communication • Ability to apply customer service skills, according to STAR Program, when interacting with guests and co-workers. • Maintain current STCW training • Strong character • Solid professional ethics • Well-tempered and well mannered. Additional information: Contracts are generally around 8 months on board, with a 2 month (unpaid) vacation, with opportunities to return for further contracts. To be considered for this role, you must have an intermediate (or higher) level of English, and your interview will take place in English, via Video Link. Please apply through link: https://careers.peopleclick.eu.com/careerscp/client_VShips/external/gateway/viewFromLink.html?jobPostId=4539&localeCode=en-us

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