Deck Fitter

  • Wage: $ 1 700 per month
  • Vessel Type: Yacht
  • Start date: 17/09/2021
  • Contract duration: 3 months

Information about vacancy Deck Fitter (for Yacht):

Position: FITTER
Monthly salary: EUR 1,500

Duration of contract: 3 months (+/- 1 month) with the 1st month considered probationary

Joining date: TBA

Please be reminded that all candidates must be fluent in English, have at least three (3) to four (4) years of relevant experience and not have any visible tattoos. All crewmembers are required to hold valid seafaring certificates (as per STCW 2010 Manila Amendments).

Candidates who have been vaccinated against COVID-19 will be preferred.

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