EE on Bulk Carrier / up to 5000 USD (Bulk Carrier without cranes, 2013 YOB, 82000DWT) We are looking for highly motivated person with good experience on similar vessels and English level. Wage: from 3.500 usd up to 5.000 usd and even more depending on services. Crew on board: mix Joining 29-30/4 at China Please indicate your position on the subject: EE for Bulk Send your CV to email: cv@mia-crew.com

Вакансия добавлена:
28.04.2017 / 17:50

Описание вакансии

Оклад 5000
Тип судна:Bulk Carrier
Продолжительность контракта:6 Months
Дата посадки:30/04/2017
Тип ГД:
Мощность:нет данных
Год постройки судна:2013

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