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I would be grateful if you would consider my candidacy for the position Cook, and in the future Chef in your company. I am 22 years old without bad habits, single, and no children. In 2012, I attended a course at the Training Course of Trade and Services, specialty Cook. In 2015, I received secondary specialized education in the State educational institution "Odessa higher professional school of marine tourist service" and obtained the specialty the Ship Cook of 4th category and Ship Pastry Cook of 3rd category. In the period from March 1, 2012 to November 1, 2015 I worked in the restaurant and hotel industry on a position of cook within the 3 months was promoted to the senior chef. During this period, I gained considerable experience and was responsible for the hot shop. On November 20, 2015 on September 17, 2016 worked on a crab fishing vessel F / V [Valkak, with the navigational region in the Barents Sea, Norway. I was the only cook on a ship with a mixed crew of 30 people. I have only good recommendations with good marine knowledge and skills. My responsibilities included: the preparation of sauces, semi-finished products and provision for shift, assistance in the drafting of calculation and technological cards, the work-out of menu and cooking of meals according to it, organization and check of sanitary and technological state of galley, the working out of order and receiving of goods, work with food suppliers. I know Ukrainian, Russian, European, American, Asian, vegetarian and diet cuisine. I have a great experience in the baking of bread and bakery products, desserts and confectionery. Also, I have the experience in the preparation of the banquet menu and cooking according to it. I have experience of work with different nationalities such as Russians, Moldavians, Bulgarians, Latvians, Filipino, Serbians, Georgians, Armenians, Italians, Koreans, and Poles. I have the average knowledge of English including the marine terminology. I am the good PC user. About myself: I am responsible, prompt person. I kept the galley and other working places of my responsibility clean and tidy. I prefer to keep the smooth and business relationship with the staff. I react adequately for remarks and notifications. I am calm and easy going person by my nature. I am always ready to fulfill the task assigned to me as soon as possible. I continually improve my professional skills by using different sources of information, courses, learning new trends and innovative technologies. I have learned the martial arts since childhood. I do not have bad habits; I do not smoke, do not drink alcohol and do not take any drugs. I do not have any criminal records, chronic diseases, body piercing, and tattoos.

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Должность:Chief Cook
Возраст:22 года
Страна проживания:Ukraine
Был на сайте:07.12.2017 в 11:27

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Chief Cook  с 20.11.2015 по 17.09.2016
Название судна: VALKA DWT: 483
Тип судна: Fishing vessel Тип ГД, мощность: Mitsubishi , 882
Год постройки судна: 1988 Флаг: Latvia
Судовладелец: SIA Baltjura-Serviss Крюинговое агентство: Ukrainian Maritime Agency


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Цвет волос:Светлые
Цвет глаз:Голубые
Размер комбинезона:56
Размер обуви:45


Тип:Высшее училище
Название учреждения:Одесское высшее профессиональное училище морского туристического сервиса
Квалификация:повар судовой - кондитер судовой
Дата окончания:06.03.2015