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Контактные данные

Номер лицензии:1311
Адрес:Office 29, Artyleriis'ka Str., 4-v
Телефоны: 380487375000
Факс: 380487375000
Адреса филиалов:29, Artyleriis'ka Str. 4-V, Odesa, 65039 Ukraine
Посмотреть на карте:Office 29, Artyleriis'ka Str., 4-v
Анкета для моряков:Открыть


Notwithstanding the fact that E-CREWING LLC is apparently young, it was established in 2016, with barefaced proudness it may state that it is most rapidly developing crewing company. Furthermore E-CREWING is among a few fully certified maritime recruiting companies represented on Ukrainian market, including MLC 2006 and ISO 9001:2015 certification. We do achieve our goals by duly implemented quality management system and using latest technologies and practices in the field of maritime recruitment, as well as seagoing experience of our recruiters with senior maritime officer's experience.

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