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Контактные данные

Номер лицензии:
We are a young, perspective company that is intended to open new horizons in development and cooperation with ship owners, international crew companies and seafarers. Though we are not a first company in the shipping market, our principal criterion is a new approach, search of creative decisions, innovations and development in this field.
Our strong points are achievement of set goals, reliability, stability and trust relations in work, due to what we constantly grow, are in progress, expand our horizons.
Our young, creative team, using a professional and qualified approach, being aimed at success, welcomes you and invites for cooperation in search of new horizons for your road map.
The company is registered in full concordance with the Ukrainian laws and has an official license of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy for employment outside of Ukraine.
We call your attention to the following services: 
High-quality selection and finding jobs for seamen on board of various types of vessels;
Thorough verification of certificates and documents legality complying with all requirements of shipping companies; 
Selection of qualified professionals based on testing the English language knowledge level;
Preparation and processing of visa documents;
Booking travel tickets and hotels;
Trip arrangement: we organize the whole trip to the place of seaman’s work; and
Special requirements: we consider your special wishes as to the applicants, documents and other particulars